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"What are you thinking about, Reiji-senpai?"

Blinking in surprise and blinking away the rain, Reiji turned around to look at the owner of the voice. He smiled in content as he saw it was the special composer. She had come to save him from getting sick he assumed. After all, the brunette had been standing outside way before the rain began and he didn’t even realize when it began.

"Ah, hello Haruka-chan. I was just thinking of what life would’ve been like if I hadn’t become an idol. What I would’ve been doing to support my mother and sister. Just different courses of action."

° • ° • ° • ° •

Indeed, what if he hadn’t became an idol? Would he be working in the family bento shop? Or somewhere else? Maybe he would be balancing two jobs to help his mother and sister. After the departure of his father, maintaining a steady life style and keeping a shop open would be difficult. Reiji knew that. However, a life of actually nitty gritty working could bring the morale down of a person.

There were just so many possibilities that could’ve happened had Reiji not attended Saotome Academy.

Plus, Reiji would’ve never met the friends he has today. All the memories and adventures he’s had with them wouldn’t exist. But, he would’ve done the one thing he wish he could do now; go to college. Finally, there would be no ‘no love rule’ holding him back.

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My muse is standing outside in the rain, staring dazedly into the distance, seemingly so fazed out they haven’t even noticed the rain. Send “What are you thinking about?” And I’ll give you a description of what they are thinking/dreaming of.
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Aria tripped and stumbled into the tall brunette. "Pardon my clumsiness. I'm really sorry sir." She said quickly getting off of him. //surprise starter >:D

{ !!! Surprise happiness ~! Advanced apology for it being a crappy response. }

The disguised brunette gave a muffled ‘oomf’ as young lady collided into him. He steadied himself as she stepped away from him. The tall man let out a chuckle. Rarely did he go out in the crowded streets of the country he lived in and already he had girls falling for him. Was his disguise that bad?

"That’s alright. We’re all clumsy once in awhile." He lifted up the brim of his hat to reveal stunning brown eyes that matched the brown of his trench coat. His smile was youthful, forever kind but holding a layer of mischief underneath. "Where is lovely girl such as you off to in these crowded streets?"

He offered his hand in greeting. “I’ll be more than happy to take you there.”

"Good morning~!" The bouncing brunette busted through the door with a bag of donuts in hand. He woke up early and dragged along his two students. Both whom were disgruntled at being woken up earlier than normal, but once getting coffee and a donut they perked up. However, when returning to the dorms, they quickly excused themselves and headed back to their room. "Tell everyone I bought donuts!" The singer called out to the retreating boys.

Reiji walked over to the table in the common room downstairs in the dorm and placed the bag of donuts down. He placed a hand on his hip, eating his pink coated delight, while staring at the bag thoughtfully. “I bought a lot of donuts… Maybe more than enough for everyone.” Shrugging his shoulders he pulled over a chair and continued to munch happily on his sugary delight.

He sat contently in silence, musing through his thoughts and even creating new ones. His stream of thoughts slowly began to drift to his job as an idol and his friend Aine. A frown tugged at the corners of Reiji’s lips. Was it worth being an idol?

Coming to his senses, the older male swatted away his thoughts and resolved to look back at the bag of donuts.

"I think I did buy too many…" A small pout came to rest on the singer’s face.

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Do you have any intimate feelings for anyone, Reiji

Reiji was a bit taken aback by the sudden question. But, he quickly composed himself and placed a finger to his chin. The brunette had to think this over.

"I suppose family doesn’t count, does it? No? I didn’t think so." Brown orbs closed in thought. Intimate… Intimate… Feelings? Hm. Did that mean intimate as in love or intimate as in wanting to combine body heat?

Sure, Reiji was a flirt, but he was kind. Working hard, he always tried to put a smile on people’s faces. But, did he really have any intimate feelings towards anyone? Regardless of the type of intimate.

"To answer your question, no. I don’t think I have any intimate feelings towards anyone. Though, I’d like to be able to find that special someone who I could spend my days with. Does that satisfy you, nonnie-chan?"

Mun: Okay, we have a few drafts to do. We have one where you're in a fight, one where you're relaxing with a friend, and one where you're meeting someone completely new. Now, which one do you want to work on first?
Muse: *points at another character on the dash* I want that one.
Mun: No. That wasn't even one of the options. We need to work on your drafts first.
Muse: I want that one.
mun: but-
muse: THAT... ONE...
mun: I said no.
muse: I know where you sleep...
mun: I know how to destroy you...
muse: ...
mun: ...
muse: ...
mun: ...
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note: this is simply to try and help people break the ice of rp’ing or for those who want to rp something off someone’s wishlist, but are just a little too shy. this can remain completely anonymous! so if you receive a plot you like you’re essentially making an open starter based on that plot unless the other person comes forward :)